Our services are based on our many years of experience in the following Web technologies:

Web Pages

Building, editing and maintenance of HTML pages and HTML page templates using (X)HTML, CSS and Javascript / Ajax.


Programming of new features for your existing web sites using Python, PHP, Ruby and Perl.

Web Frameworks

Programming and maintenance of web sites using the Web Frameworks Django, Ruby on Rails and Zend.


Programming and maintenance of web sites based upon the Content Management System Typo3 and programming of Typo3 extensions using PHP.

Fedora Commons

Programming and maintenance of web sites based upon the Document Management System Fedora Commons, e.g. using Fedora's web frontend Fez.


Programming and maintenance of web presentations for digitized assets of libraries using the Digital Library Framework / Goobi.Presentation.


Configuration and maintenance of Solr search technology for your web sites.

Web Services

Programming of interfaces for data interchange in the web (Web Services): REST, Soap, OAI, SRU.


Programming of web site features concerning meta data: METS/MODS, Dublin Core, Europeana Semantic Elements.

Semantic Web

Programming of Semantic Web (Web 3.0) features based upon ontologies (CIDOC CRM, Europeana Data Model, Facebook Graph) and their formulation in RDF.


Server administration under Linux: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL.

Project Management

Configuration and maintenance of versioning systems and project management tools: Subversion, Git, Trac, Redmine.


For all these areas we are also prepared to arrange training courses for you and your employees.